Shoutout to my brethren of the bench.
  1. The benchwarmers are the unsung heroes of basketball.
  2. Having to wake up every morning at 6am for pre workout before classes, long three hour practices, and attending every single team function, just to play 25 minutes, for the entire season.
  3. Learning to look like you're actually interested during the game.
  4. Over enthusiastically cheering for your team on the bench to keep yourself awake and interested in what's happening.
  5. Still having a smile on your face after your family travels an hour to see you play, when you don't get in the game at all.
  6. Everyone cheering like mad women when you score your first bucket of the season at the end of January.
  7. Keeping the team's GPA above that 3.0.
  8. Being told you suck, and well, just accepting it.
  9. Unlike your teammates, knowing your glory days are ahead of you 💁