I’ve spent the past four months re-watching House MD, so here’s my final book/Netflix report on it based on how much I like the characters from worst to best.
  1. Chase
    I don’t hate a lot of characters on this show, but I CAN’T stand Chase. He’s essentially dry toast who once wanted to be a priest. The only thing appealing about him is that I found him attractive…when I was fourteen.
  2. Adams
    She’s a doctor? And she’s divorced? And she ran away from home once? And she worked as a prison doctor? And that’s all I know so 💁
  3. Cameron
    Part of me really wants to like Cameron, but also…I CAN’T stand Cameron. She’s too all over the place, and I really couldn’t stand the whole "you're still in love with house" "no I'm not!" storyline with Australian toast.
  4. Masters
    She had potential to be higher up on the list, but was only on for a handful of episodes so she can stay here.
  5. Cuddy
    It’s difficult to describe how I feel about Cuddy. Part of me thinks she was meh at times, but season 8 was ruined because she wasn’t in it. The show needs and needed Cuddy. Also her and House were cute when that was a thing.
  6. Foreman
    Foreman. AKA House JR. But adorable at times? Also slightly annoying at times?
  7. Taub
    So annoying and so flawed. Very well developed character.
  8. Park
    I was so happy when I realized that Park was a good character on this show. Typical Charlene Yi character, very amusing, and very deserving of being high up on the list considering she was only on for one season.
  9. House
    Oh House. You get a high rating because of your humor and brilliance. You're not first because of misogyny and being an ass.
  10. Cutthroat Bitch
    Female House but better? Made Wilson (bae) happy. Died too soon.
  11. Thirteen
    Thirteen was just chill. Another flawed and great character on this show.
  12. Kutner
    Kutner was a good guy who liked blowing up things and died way too soon.
  13. Wilson
    Oh Wilson 😍. I love how flawed Wilson is and I love how adorable Wilson is and I find RSL very attractive so Wilson wins.