Being in a nursing home is sad. Working in a nursing home is even sadder. This is what keeps me going.
  1. Awesome music
    See future list, "songs played on my work's radio station".
  2. Coffee
    X2 cups. 😁
  3. List making at my desk
    This app is a god send
  4. Working on my Spanish skills
    Mi espanol es horrible, pero es mejor porque de mi trabajo. Will come in handy during vacations and will be a good resume booster.
  5. Dementia patients
    Dementia is a very sad disease, but people with dementia are typically fun to work with. They have a child like energy and I don't know how to describe it other than fun. It is, trust me. Maybe it's because you have to improvise with them as denying their reality can set them off.
  6. Stroke patients
    Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a stroke patient gain strength and function back in their arm.
  7. Comedy
    Old people and my coworkers laugh at anything.
  8. Coworkers
    Some annoying, some pretty great and genuinely make my day at times.
  9. Really wonderful patients
    I couldn't care less for most of my patients. But there are a few that capture my heart and are a joy to work with. They make my day.