I felt like this show was similar to eating chocolate flourless cake; so rich and so good and I just eat it up. I'm gonna keep the first three items spoiler free (you're welcome).
  1. The cast.
    A bunch of UCB and Netflix folk and Aziz's parents and just great casting overall! The diversity is so refreshing.
  2. The height difference between Dev and Arnold.
    So relatable as that's the height difference between me and most of my friends. #TallLife
  3. The emotions!
    Like my heart hurt during most of these episodes.
  4. It's essentially how a male driven rom com should be written.
    I feel like male driven rom coms never work. They are always so tropey and usually sexist to some degree? Anyway, great job Aziz!
  5. The old people episode.
    As someone who works with the elderly on the reg, it was a very sweet and well written episode.
  6. Paro!
    I did read about Paro in school and it was cool to see it on the show! Very cute, I want 3.
  7. Harris Wittels.
    I got emotional when I saw his name on the screen as I either forgot or wasn't sure he was involved in this project but yes, good emotional surprise.
  8. When Aziz and Arnold spend an hour looking for restaurants on Yelp.
    As that's my friends and I 24/7.
  9. Feminism!!!
    Wait what feminism being portrayed well on television? Yes!!!
  10. Food!!!
  11. The honesty.
    I love how honest Dev's character is.
  12. The parents episode.
    It makes me really appreciate my parents and especially my grandparents and I should probably call them.
  13. Other little minor details.
    Title sequence, fonts, music, cinematography, nyc...A+++
  14. It's the perfect show for people in their late 20s/early 30s.
    It just is.