I just started The West Wing and here are my opinions...

And when I mean "started" I mean I'm on season 2 because I'm a garbage person who binges everything.
  1. Bae 😍
    Charlie is so perfect in every way. Ideal man. Loyal, polite, intelligent. Get it Pegasus...
  2. Pegasus/Book Bag
    Aka I had no clue Lizzy Moss aka Peggy Olson aka Pegasus was in this show!!! Yes!
  3. Human Ken
    Rob Lowe being Rob Lowe. Like a more bitter Chris Traeger
  4. Leo!!!!
    Doesn't deal with malarkey, is so flawed but such a great character. A+
  5. Toby
  6. Josh
    Aka Gosh go to studio 60 already josh
  7. Donna
    Aka deals with too much bullshit. Loved her advocacy for carpal tunnel. Hoping she becomes a senator or something.
  8. Mrs. Landingham
    Kathryn Joosten is one of my favorite actresses...so great. A+++
  9. Doctor B.
    OBSESSED. Life hero.
  10. President Bartlett
    So upset he's fictional and not a real political figure.
  11. CJ
    All time favorite. I want to be her. I hope her and Danny find love and get married and have ginger babies the end.
  12. Mandy
    Where are you?