Inspired by @LizDawson
  1. I believe that Tom Brady is Jesus' hotter younger brother and Bellichick is Satan himself.
    and I love both.
  2. I believe that Crossfit is garbage.
    It is ridiculously injury inducing and physiologically not cool.
  3. I believe that improv comedy is a real cult.
    Praise Del.
  4. I believe that someday I will win the Hamilton lottery.
  5. I believe only in black coffee with no additives.
    Sugar and milk are bullshit.
  6. I believe anyone shorter than 6 feet is "short"
  7. I believe Drake's One Dance is the perfect summer jam.
  8. I believe Jonathan from Property Brothers and I would make a legitimately good couple.
  9. I believe in over preparing and rushing in the morning to maximize sleeping time.
    I'm from bed to out the door in 10 minute 💁
  10. I believe you should never get bummed out over a bad haircut.
    It will grow out.
  11. I believe you can truly judge someone by their handshake.
  12. I believe in the power of a good playlist.