Joshua Jones reacted to your photo. ❤️

(A fictitious thing)
  1. Wow, Josh loved my new profile picture.
  2. Not even liked, LOVED.
  3. I'm surprised. We've only been Facebook office for 4 days and he's already loved" my profile picture.
  4. That's so sweet. He's super thoughtful. I can't wait to see him on Saturday.
  5. Oh, he also hearted a picture of a vegan burger his buddy Tim made.
  6. Well, looks like he cares about what his friends do. That's nice.
  7. I wonder what else he's loved on Facebook...
  8. Martha Stewart's pineapple upside down cake recipe.
  9. A video of three raccoons overtaking a playground.
  10. Mayor Mathewson's announcement he's resigning because his wife has cancer.
  11. ....does he even know how to use Facebook?
  12. Oh I don't think I can date him.
  13. Just going to change this from "in a relationship" to "it's complicated."
  14. "Joshua Jones reacted to your relationship status update ❤️"
  15. Really?!