I've had this idea for a while. It's essentially a modernized and improved Full House. Inspired by the Otis music video.
  1. Aziz is our main character. He is a working stand up comic in L.A trying to make it big. In the pilot, he inherits a huge mansion from his godfather who passed away, the only family he had left.
  2. Jay-Z is a music producer and recently moved from New York to LA. He ends up living with Aziz in the huge mansion with his wife (see below) despite being a music producer.
  3. Like real life, Beyoncé is a singer/icon/goddess. The Aunt Becky of the series. Blue Ivy's birth would occur during the series, and Aziz would become her godfather.
  4. Kanye is a rapper who has been working with Jay-Z for a few weeks. Concerned about him going off the wagon with drug use, Jay-Z gives Kanye an ultimatum: live in the mansion or get kicked off the label. He's the Uncle Joey of the group. He ends up marrying Kim at the end of the series, and has a spinoff series at Netflix about their life.
  5. Aziz loves to hate living with Kanye. He is a terrible person to live with as he is messy and expects everything to be done for him, but he puts up with it because he loves his music so much.
  6. When everyone thinks no one could ever love hip hop's bad boy, Kim enters Kanye's life in the second to last season. She's a model. They get pregnant and then get married at the end of that season.
  7. Kanye at one point would put an alligator in the pool for shits and gigs
  8. Everyone would have different character names which I'm too lazy to think of at the moment.
  9. Kanye says "Huh" a lot.
  10. Like how One Tree Hill was a vehicle for music of the 2000s, this show would do the same for hip hop music.
  11. The theme song would be Kanye's "Good Life."
  12. Guest stars: T Pain, Kris Jenner, Kaitlyn Jenner, Donald Glover, Mindy Kaling, Justin Timberlake, Zach Woods, Taraji P. Henderson, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Nicki Minaj, Kumail Nanjiani.