Inspired by @Lisa_Fav
  1. I've been obsessed with it since I was a child watching Whose Line.
    Thinking "I could NEVER do that."
  2. I had a late bloomer comedy phase in 2010.
    It was a new thing to get into after I quit Division II Basketball.
  3. I was taken to my first UCB show in 2011.
    John & Scott, still my favorite show at the theater to this day. Mind was blown.
  4. In grad school I tried stand up. I wasn't terrible at it but wasn't good at it either.
    I disliked the prep and the whole catering to your audience thing. I essentially did a very alt set to a very mom crowd, which turned me off from stand up all together.
  5. I went to shows when I could, DCM and all.
  6. Moved to lower Westchester August 2015, took my first improv class in September.
    Thinking "let's give it a shot and see where it leads to"
  7. I haven't stopped as I am currently in 401.
    Ugh I love it so much. The quick thinking, being honest and emotionally involved in your scenework, it is so fun.
  8. I'm also on a kickass indie team who performs a few times a month.
  9. Overall it's changed my life (made me more emotionally open as a person and empathetic).
    You should take a class.
  10. Giphy