As Ilvermorny is the school of magic in Massachusetts, here are some ideas for professors . We all know these people are secretly magical. Based on that Elizabeth Warren tweet (this has been in my drafts for a while).
  1. Headmaster
    Marty Walsh
  2. Charms
    Sam Malone from Cheers.
  3. History of Magic
    The Ghost of John F Kennedy.
  4. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    Bill Bellichick as the scary but brilliant professor.
  5. Flying
    Larry Bird.
  6. Transfiguration
    Elizabeth Warren.
  7. Herbology
    David Ortiz and Gronk.
  8. Astronomy
    Ghost of John Winthrop
  9. Muggle Studies
    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
  10. Divination
    Tobias Fünke
  11. Arithmancy
    The blizzard of '78
  12. Care of Magical Creatures
    Mark Wahlberg
  13. Potions
    A medium coffee cream no sugar from Dunkins.