1. A selfie of me and my first iPhone circa 2012.
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  2. Me and the three coolest people you'll meet aka my two siblings and my cousin.
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  3. Me and my dog who I miss ever so much 😥
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  4. Me and my ex roommate's cat. She loves me way more than she loves her
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  5. Another funny one of cat and I.
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  6. Me and my momma.
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  7. Me as North West Halloween '13
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  8. Me and the grad school roomies at our pinning ceremony.
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  9. Halloween '14 where I was called Aunt Jemima by one of my residents (I was clearly Rosie the Riveter)
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  10. Me in the Dominican.
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  11. Me as a Gryffindor student.
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  12. Me in my first and current apartment.
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  13. Me right now!!!
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