1. Song: The Christmas Song
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    I know you're thinking, Kristin this is not Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You". But "The Christmas Song" is the Christmas song, it's in the title. And it also reminds me of my childhood and makes me cry at times.
  2. Claymation Special: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
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    I've loved this special since childhood. It's fun and cute. And "one foot in front of the other" is my Christmas time motivation jam.
  3. SNL Sketch: The Mark Jensen Family Christmas Special
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    Such a simple sketch premise that was executed brilliantly. So many runners up for this category.
  4. Live Action Movie: Love Actually
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    Yes, this movie is slightly problematic but I've watched it so many times and it is such a great format and baby January Jones and Olivia Olson has pipessss and Emma Thompson 😥
  5. Christmas TV Episode: Seasonal Beatings, Peep Show
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    Lots of runner ups for this category as well. This episode is solid throughout, and Robert Webb straight up deserves all the awards for this specific episode. "I don't believe in Jesus. I'm a Christmasist."
  6. Picture: ➡️
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    Everyone wanted to get in so we took a selfie and I was crying of laughter taking it.