My fictional boyfriends and how we meet.
  1. Jake Ballard
    Working back in the navy for some reason, Jake gets seriously injured and ends up in the VA where I am working as an occupational therapist. I end up leaving the VA so we can be together. We split our time between D.C., where he consults Pope and Associates, and Brooklyn, where I teach part time.
  2. George Weasley
    In this situation, I am a muggle with magic powers who's into Quidditch and meets George at a Chudley Cannons game. We end up getting married and having three ginger children.
  3. Ken Cosgrove
    I have a meet cute with Ken on the train. He's already married, but we go out to lunch a few times in the city just as friends. I support his writing, he supports whatever I'm doing. He ends up calling it off with his wife, and we live happily ever.
  4. Wes Gibbins
    We met at a house party in Brooklyn over the summer as he's my friends roommate's cousin. We hook up over the summer. We keep in touch on and off through the school year as he has law schools and crazy professors. The summer after, we hit it off. Despite being sadder than usual, I visit him at school, he visits me on the weekends...
  5. Frank Delfino and Wes get into a fight when I'm visiting at his school. Me and Frank meet at a bar and have a quick and dirty hook up. Neither Laurel or Wes find out.
  6. Captain Jack Harkness
    In this scenario I'm the ninth doctors companion and me and Jack just straight hit it off.
  7. James Wilson
    In this scenario, I take a travel job working at Princeton Plainsboro working with cancer patients. House keeps on making obnoxious remarks to Wilson that I'm his type. Annoyed, Wilson and I prank back House, fall in love, his cancer heals, the end.
  8. Jake Ryan
    High School me not asked to prom instead hangs out with neighbor and certifiable hottie Jake Ryan for the night on a whimsical evening. We don't make it through college, but that's okay.
  9. Mr. Darcy
    In a world where Elizabeth Bennet does not exist, my sister is best friends with Caroline Bingley. At a ball, me and Mr Darcy hang out against the wall making sarcastic remarks under our breath about everyone.