1. January
    Cons: snow, and everything else. Pro: my birthday.
  2. March
    Cons: nothing really happens in March unless you're really into college basketball? Pros: eh? Spring break for you college folk?
  3. April
    Cons: eh? Very bland month. Pros: better weather, Easter is dope too.
  4. February
    Cons: Cold as fuckkkkk. Valentine's Day is pretty unnecessary as well. Pros: Perfect time for a Caribbean vacation.
  5. November
    Cons: cold weather, thanksgiving (not a big fan) pros: pea coat season!
  6. October
    Cons: Cold weather ew. Pros: cider, scarves, boots, sweaters, apples.
  7. September
    Cons: Suddenly Pumpkin Spice is okay despite it being 75 degrees out. Pros: Generally enjoyable weather.
  8. December
    Cons: Snow! Pros: Christmas season! Also a little bit of snow is okay at this time of the year.
  9. July
    Cons: Hot as fuck. Pros: Fourth of July, BBQ
  10. August
    Cons: back to school, humidity. Pros: I'm an adult who doesn't have to go back to school, last month of summer
  11. May
    Cons: too many graduations and weddings. Pros: the best weather and bbq season and ahhh it's the best month of all; that NSYNC song as well makes it festive.
  12. June
    Cons: nothing. Pros: June weather is only secondary to may weather. Start of beach and festival season.