Inspired by @CoachK
  1. I had an unrequited (? Probably not tho) crush on the same guy from 2nd grade-6th grade and 9th-11th grade who I NEVER talked to.
    His "new gf" junior year devastated me.
  2. My dad talked to him more than me and all the guys in my grade because he's charismatic and was the "cool" CCD teacher and the "cool" little league coach.
  3. My dad although great would pretty much yell at me after every bad basketball game I played in. This was driven by how he wanted me to get a basketball scholarship. I didn't.
  4. My first best friend was a dick to me and would read my diary and I would get mad but would just accept it?! My sister would team up with her too.
  5. My friends in elementary school were also terrible to me or I was just super paranoid all the time.
  6. I won't forget the first time I made a big group of people laugh in elementary school by making an excellent joke, and that's why I'm pursuing improv.
  7. My parents never let me explore options for majors, but strongly recommended becoming a physical therapist.
  8. Growing up I was shy and introverted.
    (Why I'm a loudmouth)