Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Veep
    I would be Jonah's new girlfriend, Katie. After everyone at the White House, especially the Veep's staff, questions why I'm with Jonah, it makes me break up with him in the end. "It is way too suspicious to have that many people question my judgment."
  2. The Office
    On Bring Your Daughter to Work day, I would play Rebecca, Michaels 19 year old niece he brings to work with him every year. She only goes because he pays her to, but still likes and respects and convinces the rest of the office that Michael is a good guy.
  3. Masters of None
    I would be Arnold's younger sister (it's the height thing).
  4. Mad Men
    I would play Shirley, a rival ad woman to Peggy and Don who wins Secret deodorant for her agency.
  5. Breaking Bad
    Very slight cameo; would be working as an OT in the nursing home that Hector ends up blowing up.
  6. How to Get Away With Murder
    Chelsea, a third year law student taking her boards who is either Wes' or Frank's new boo.
  7. Parks and Rec
    I would play Ann's new friend Jessica who works in the hospital with her. Leslie gets jealous, thinking Ann has found a new BFF. (the episode ends with the three of us happily having brunch).
  8. Game of Thrones
    I would be Brienne of Tarth's older, shorter, weaker, but more snarky sister Elizabeth of Tarth who just chills in a castle most days, crushing on Jaime Lannister, knowing nothing about his terrible character nor his close relationship with Brienne.