Worst to best
  1. Fitz
    I have not dislikes a character more than Fitzgerald Grant the III. Like on same level as Dolores Umbridge hate. Have you ever been in a room with 10+ whining preschoolers? That's how I feel like every time I listen to Fitz speak. And then he has this look, the apologetic eye look which is apparently is swoon-worthy but just makes me scream at the tv.
  2. Quinn
    Her character development was so crazy around seasons 2 or 3. Slightly interesting? No, not really. Just meh.
  3. Sally Langston
    Here for the Underwood-Ian like accent and the clear Colbert-esque chat show rip off.
  4. Olivia
    Part of me wants to like her but she loves Fitz. And that's like trying to like someone who loves human garbage.
  5. Huck
    He is so sad. And so flawed. And those eyes.
  6. James Novak
    Ugh I love James and he died too soon and he made Cyrus such a better person and he was just a good guy.
  7. Jake
    He has done some iffy things, but in general has had Olivia's best interest in mind. Why wouldn't you stand in the sun with him Olivia? He's perfect. TV BF Jake Ballard for life 😍. Cons: shot James Novak 😕
  8. Abby
    Oh the most improved character of this show. Was over the top and really didn't like her in season one and has improved since then. Have super respect for her and I have such hair envy.
  9. Cyrus
    Oh Cyrus. So flawed and tired and I relate to him so much sometimes when I've had it up to here with my coworkers. Again, shady at times, but everyone on this show is.
  10. Mellie Grant
    Ugh she's amazing. Super at what she does and all around great person. Another character that I have total hair envy over.
  11. David Rosen
    David Rosen is just trying to do his job. The straight man of the show. And my favorite.