I love my friends.
  1. Have a friend who does what you do. Even if you don't like that thing you do.
  2. Have a friend who likes what you like. Talk about the things you like often.
  3. Have a younger friend who helps put things into perspective for you.
  4. Have an older friend. For the same reason as listed above.
  5. Have an elderly friend. Because they are probably the wisest people to befriend and are awesome and give great advice and are very fun people.
  6. Have a friend who is not afraid to tell you when you're fucking up.
  7. Have a friend who is your "yey" friend and will celebrate everything and anything you do.
  8. Have a friend who will defend you emotionally and physically.
  9. Have a friend who is the complete opposite of you.
  10. Have friends with the same goals as you.
  11. Have a friend who will advise you honestly.