Inspired by @CAFE
  1. The Oscar Party, Leo DiCaprio.
    Running on the platform of saving the environment, winning Oscars, models, and winning Oscars
  2. The Pizza Party, your nephew Logan.
    "Only cheese pizza allowed, I HATE PEPPERONI!!!"
  3. The Tupperware Party, your coworker Denise.
    She's determined to keep jobs here in America, except yours!
  4. The Bachelorette Party, Your best friend Jillian.
    "I swear if she doesn't choose Brad, I'm entering the nuclear codes."
  5. The Frat Party, Chad.
    420!!! And feminism dude.
  6. The Pasta Party, Your former basketball teammate Ali
    "Like the pasta parties we had before our district tournament games, we're gonna load this economy with tortellini. And when I say "economy", I mean my belly. I'm just always hungry still, even at this desk job."
  7. Pity party, me.
    It's my party and I can cry if I want to. THIS IS A PURE DICTATORSHIP!!!!!