Things filling my relationship void.

I'm single as fuck (always have always will) but not to worry, I'm filling this void up wonderfully! Here's how!
  1. My improv team.
    It was a happy accident on how I joined up with them, and it's probably one of the better things to happen to me this year.
  2. Improv in general.
    Who starts 401 tomorrow? This girl. And going to all the shows of course.
  3. The West Wing.
    Living vicariously through CJ
  4. The gym.
    Although this has been an on and off relationship, when it's on it's strong.
  5. My poor attempts at writing.
    These lists, sketches, and essays.
  6. My ukulele!
    It is super new and super blue and I can't wait to get good at it.
  7. My 2017 travel plans.
    A January birthday trip with mom, a trip to Dubai and possibly London in March, A few trips down to FT Myers for prepping for my friend's wedding.
  8. Lin Manuel Miranda's Twitter Feed.
    It's such a delight. Also waiting for the mixtape to drop.