As my high school peers are all getting married, I've noticed some things that I've wanted in my wedding before that I don't want now or things I have never wanted at all. Note that this is personal to me and I'm not shunning anyone who wants any of these things or has had any of these things.
  1. A ton of bridesmaids.
    As someone who has in mind at least 8 people for potential bridesmaids-ship, I think it's too much now and it shows indecisiveness on my part. I think I'm gonna stick to 2 or 3 now.
  2. A big wedding.
    Ugh it's too much money and too much to get together. I'm definitely sticking to 50 or less.
  3. A choreographed dance.
    Are you fucking kidding me? Ugh. How original.
  4. Engagement Photos.
    Really unnecessary.
  5. Tossing the bouquet.
    Nah son.
  6. A white dress.
    True life, never have wanted one, and never will. Probably will go for champagne or a pale blush color.
  7. High school friends.
    Other than my sisters best friend who I was also friends with in high school, no one from high school shall be in attendance at my wedding. Which will be a great thing.
  8. *Addendum: I probably won't get married as I'm highly selective and will probably be single forever.
  9. **Second addendum: I find it interesting how the mean age for a woman to get married is 27, yet out of all my friends, 1 is getting married, 1 is in a serious relationship, and the rest are all single. Side note that my friends involved in this study span from 23-37. (The one getting married is 26 and the one in a serious relationship is 27)