To the world, from the 6' women of the world.
  1. "You're so tall!"
    And you're so old! You would never call out a person on their physical attributes such as race or being short or etc without being considered rude.
  2. "You date people shorter than you?"
    I don't even know you so why would I tell you anything about my personal life?
  3. "Do you wear heels?"
    I don't ask why you wear ugly ass crocs so don't ask about my shoe preferences.
  4. "Do you play basketball? You must be very good..."
    Again, it is rude to call out stereotypes. This gets old. Also, why don't you ask me if I'm a model?
  5. "I wish I was tall...but not that tall."
    All I hear is "God you're a freak of nature!"