Changing schedules (not on my part) from a 7:15-3:45 to 9:15 to 5:45 has been crazy different for me. I've been on this schedule for about a month now, and it's weird how it's changed my habits.
  1. Sleep (old schedule)
    Wake up at 6:15, take a 26 minute naps once I was home at 4:20 so the rest of the day I would be rested. Bed time at 12-12:30
  2. Sleep (new schedule)
    Wake up at 8. Sleep at 12. Rely more on coffee
  3. Coffee (old schedule)
    One cup in the morning, occasional second if I was feeling feisty (or not feeling feisty)
  4. Coffee (new schedule)
    2-3 cups a day. 4 occasionally.
  5. Food (old schedule)
    Was super on point with diet, ate dinner at 5 like the old lady I am.
  6. Food (new schedule)
    I've gained weight since a month ago as I snack more on the sweets patients bring in more to keep me going. Also tend to eat dinner at a normal time or in the car (pb&j yum 😐) while going into the city
  7. Extracurriculars (old schedule)
    Took my sweet ass time getting into the city, usually via metro north.
  8. Extracurriculars (new schedule)
    As I get out at 5:45 and most things I do are at 7:30 in the city, I quick change at work and drive in, typically trying to defeat evening traffic.
  9. Work (old schedule)
    Had to do an evaluation each morning. Was with my coworkers all the time (not the biggest fan of most of them). Had a 6 perm patient caseload.
  10. Work (new schedule)
    No evals! Only 4 perm patients and 2 hours of "compliance" (time that patients on any unit that need to be made up). Quiet gym after 3:30.
  11. Traffic (old schedule)
    17-19 minutes to and 19-24 from work
  12. Traffic (new schedule)
    23-30 minutes to and 19-26 from work.
  13. Mornings (old schedule)
    Up by 6:15, out the door by 6:30 (everything super prepared, breakfast i would eat in the car, I wear scrubs so not too tough of a morning prep)
  14. Mornings (new schedule)
    Up by 8, out the door by 8:35. I love enjoying my mornings. Make eggs, watch some tv. 😎
  15. Verdict: I like it, as long as I'm allowed to alternate my schedule earlier on occasion for the important things (improv shows and classes).