Damn right I'm the Boss Bitch of Moderators.
  1. Education
    Question to candidate: "How will you use your unique position of power to eliminate overused and bland phrases such as "squad goals" from our vocabularies?"
  2. Ethics
    Question to candidate: "Do you consider it moral that people have seen Hamilton multiple time via lottery and purchase while I continue to lose the lottery daily?!?"
  3. Finances
    Question to candidate: "What is the best method to get five of my coworkers to cough up the money they owe me for getting a card and cake for Larry's birthday?"
  4. Arts
    Question to candidate: "What lengths will you go to in order to ensure Ferris Bueller's Day Off is never rebooted?"
  5. Technology
    Question to candidate: "How much of a priority is it for you to completely skip wireless headphones and continue to develop technology for music to be playing in my head 24/7, whenever I want, subscription free?"
  6. Communication
    Question to candidate: "What steps will you take to make sure my children live in a world with both an avocado and a potato emoji?"