Sadly, Dancing with the Stars didn't make the cut (sorry Mom).
  1. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: My "I'm home from work" wind down show, typically the rerun from the night before.
  2. South Park: I am still 16 at heart.
  3. Nathan for You: The show I'm sincerely most excited about this season.
  4. How to get away with Murder: It's as crazy as Pretty Little Liars, but for adults!
  5. Last Week Tonight: My "I'm home from work" wind down show on Mondays.
  6. Scream Queens: Surprise favorite this season. Really great tv.
  7. Scandal : Can Fitz and Olivia seriously stop 😒. Still watching for my boy David Rosen, Queen Mellie, and tv bf Jake Ballard.
  8. The Affair: The most fun show to watch with your mom is back! Unfortunately I'm not living at home to experience that again.
  9. Bobs Burgers
    So funny and so good !
  10. Last Man on Earth
    See above.