A list I will continue to edit...
  1. Will Forte
  2. Richard Ayoade
  3. Rachel Dratch
  4. Rich Fulcher
  5. Rhys Darby
    Suggested by   @andersun
  6. Scott Adsit
  7. John Lutz
  8. Sharon Hogan & Rob Delaney
    Catastrophe is a masterpiece, they are the best
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  9. Leslie Jones
  10. Patricia Routledge
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  11. Jane Curtin
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  12. Rose Marie
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  13. Chris Kattan
    To whom I dedicated a whole list: CHRIS KATTAN, I STILL LOVE YOU
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  14. Billy Eichner
    Difficult People is 👌🏻
    Suggested by   @marykathryn
  15. Julie Klausner
    The other brilliant half of Difficult People.