I'm trying to rewrite a novel I wrote when I was 11 about three high school girls (well then I wrote about middle schoolers) who have to solve a mystery about a ghost.
  1. What fun things, tropes even, do you like to read about in these types of books?
  2. I love reading YA with experimental narration! (E.g. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan, which is narrated by a Greek chorus of gay men who have died of AIDS)
    Suggested by @alyssapoliti
  3. I love YA fiction that I identify with some way, mostly in how the characters "feel" than the plot. For example, I love John Green's novels because I'm reminded of what it was like to be a teenager and feel SO MUCH, even though I can't necessarily relate to the plot or even the characters.
    Suggested by @jessnobs