1. Age 9-: Writer. I once wrote a 40+ page story/script when I was in elementary school. It was deleted when the computer died on me. I was very upset.
  2. Age 12-22: Physical Therapist. My mother did an excellent job convincing me to take this route; so much so I studied it in undergraduate.
  3. Age 15: Dermatologist. I feel this had to do with me having a crush on Will Kirby from Big Brother All Stars.
  4. Age 17: Something with history or government. I just loved these subjects so much.
  5. Age 20: Comedian. I'm hilarious, right?
  6. Age 22: Physical Therapist. Come on, I applied to nine schools, I need to get into one!
  7. Age 22: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Well this could be a liable back up option
  8. Age 22: Oh this Occupational Therapist thing seems interesting...
  9. Age 23-24: Lobbyist for OT/Working for WHO/ Professor
  10. Age 23-24: Some inventor of some weird therapy product that would make me millions. Still an option.
  11. Age 25 (January 2015) Rehabilitation Director. This does not seem stressful at all whatsoever and does not involve me dealing with poop.
  12. Now: ?