Which isn't going to happen anyway because I didn't buy a ticket.
  1. Stay on the DL for a while.
    Maybe just tell my mom.
  2. Hire an excellent law team to help out.
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    #baes. I know they're probably not finance lawyers but they're so cool I would just want to meet them to see if they do!
  3. I would buy a theater of some sort.
    Would make that my job running that. I think that would be fun and would hire all my friends.
  4. I would have one good solid shopping spree.
    All of the clothes!!!
  5. Go on a shit ton of vacations
    Like every continent status. I think I would just take the first year off and travel. Live in France and Italy for a few months. Spend some time in Spain and really perfect my Spanish.
  6. Let my grandpa go back to Lithuania for a trip on a private jet.
    Maybe I could buy a small private plane?
  7. Buy an apartment in Manhattan with a garage!
  8. Pay for whatever my family wanted.
    Apartments for the siblings, college scholarships for the lil cousins, beach house for the parents, etc.
  9. Donate a good chunk to animal shelters and other researched charities and medical research.
  10. Put a good chunk in stocks.