Dude why is the 1 delayed right now?
  1. Human sized rat on the tracks.
  2. Rat sized human on the tracks.
  3. Driver forgot to fill the tank.
  4. Driver needed some Doritos and thought he could find some at 191 street.
  5. A troll appeared at 191 St station with a riddle that will allow us to pass; conductor cannot solve it for the life of him.
  6. DJ Khaled appeared out of nowhere, causing the conductor to have a panic attack.
  7. I'm in a worm hole vortex in which time has slowed down incredibly.
  8. Graduation traffic.
  9. Someone dropped their cell phone on the tracks.
  10. Mozzarella cheese dripped from the ceiling of the tunnel, causing turbulent conditions.
  11. Someone thought the tracks were like a magical piano in Big. He had to find out the hard way they weren't.
  12. Zoe Barnes.
  13. Lemonade stand.
  14. Jay Z's grand gesture to Beyoncé was "stopping the subway."
  15. Subway tracks sponsored by Subway might not have been the best idea.