1. This is my hair on a good day
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    It is difficult maintaining side bangs as I don't wash my hair everyday (not good for you!) and they have a mind of their own. Here are some people/fictional characters to help me explain....
  2. Conan O'Brien
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    To be fair, my bangs look like his both on a good and bad day. I chose him because like me, his bangs length varies. Looks great on him, but on me 😕
  3. Jonathan Scott from HGTV back in the day
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    Usually my bangs on a bad day look like Jonathan's hair back in the day (2010ish?). Super flat with the highlights thing in front. His hair game has improved so much since then.
  4. Fog Horn Leghorn
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    Another both good/bad day bangs look. Sometime they get too much volume, sometimes it's just enough.