1. You get a good idea of what you need to work on.
    Since I just threw this idea to you, at least a few things came to mind that you want to work on. Cool, good start. Attack those items.
  2. If you can get through the holidays while sticking to your resolutions, you can get through anything.
    This is tricky but doable dependent on your goals. I.e.: I'm trying to cut out junk food and overeating out of my life and aim to eat better. Sure Christmas time will be a bitch, but with prep and moderation, I should be ok.
  3. By month 2 you have a support group of others achieving their resolutions.
    At the time where shit starts to hit the fan (let's get real, a majority of New Years resolutions don't last more than a month), you have others around you achieving goals as well.
  4. Get to work people.