Albums that changed my life

  1. The Airborne Toxic Event
    It's such a strange feeling when you listen to song after song that describe real and true events and emotions that you've experienced. Mikel write better than most.
  2. Brand new(All albums)
    I've never met another Brand New fan who wasn't all in. If you love them, you love every album despite the fact that they all sound extremely different. I believe that's because their albums matured at the same rate as most of their fan base. Brand new has steadily been the soundtrack to my life since middle school.
  3. Born To Die.
    I fell in love with Lana my senior year of high school. The confidence and good vibes her music gave me honestly led to some of the most fun times in my life.
  4. Plans
    Mostly just What Sarah Said. It's hard to get past the point in my life when I listened to What Sarah Said for the first time.