Requested by Becca

Best Dog Breeds of All Time

All of the dog breeds are the best. All dogs are the best. I love them. But I will attempt to not overdo it on this list.
  1. French bulldog
    He loves the ice cream. I love his. Future Frenchie names include Cat Stevens and/or Meryl Streep.
  2. Pug dogs
    Are pugs overrated? No. Fuck you. Pugs are great. They are crazy. They are super hyper. And yes they snore like crazy but they're also super sweet cuddly babies. That's my pug in the picture. His name is Peter Dinklage. Future pug name, Ariana Grande.
  3. Corgi!
    A corgi in a picture does no justice to the ridiculously cute and ridiculously short legs that they have. They look like runway models the way they shake the booty when they walk and when they lay on their sides, one pair of legs doesn't touch the ground. That's fucking cute.
  4. Bull mastiff
    Yes, I am guilty of loving the wrinkly faced dogs. All wrinkly faced dogs really, but especially this GIANT wrinkly baby. 😍
  5. Basset hound
    Look at those ears. 😁😁😁 I LOVE IT SO MUCH.