Not because I don't like them, but because no one around me gets really excited about them like I do and I usually feel lame.
  1. Having a constant warm crock pot of apple cider.
    I think it's the only thing that makes the cold better. By boyfriend hates apple cider and makes faces at me when I drink it.
  2. A full traditional thanksgiving feast.
    Last year my mom made a lasagna for thanksgiving. 🙄 so I made my own traditional feast in my tiny one bedroom apartment for just the BF and I. Note: it's not as fun without your mom cooking with you.
  3. Last minute Christmas shopping.
    Okay, this one really does bum me out in a legit way. I am not a smart shopper. I think a lot about what to buy people several weeks before Christmas but I don't ever actually buy anything until the week of. I hate the crowds. I hate the traffic. I hate walking from store to store in the cold. I hate spending that much money. Bah humbug.
  4. Wrapping presents.
    I'm a good present wrapper. My childhood best friends mom taught us the proper way to wrap presents the year after we used duct tape. She was serious about it and my present are pretty. But half the time the presents aren't even a surprise and I just don't see the point in wrapping presents that aren't a surprise.
  5. The Galaxy of Lights at the Botanical Gardens.
    Its just a mile of Christmas lights you spend a few dollars to walk through while you drink hot cocoa and freeze your butt off. There's a option to drive but that seems dumb to me. I enjoy it. I say hi to Santa. I get my apple cider or w/e and I walk with whomever accompanies me that year. I've taken a lot of people. They always complain. I always apologize for dragging them along. And then I do it again.
  6. Pomegranates.
    I LOVE pomegranates and I eat them one seed at a time. That's why I loved them so much as a kid. Cause they were a healthy long lasting snack for movies and stuff. Everyone around me thinks they're too much work.