Requested by Becca

Favorite TV show characters who aren't straight

  1. Jessica Jones
    Jeri Hogarth is a real bad bitch. She's easy to dislike but she makes me feel... Things.
  2. Wet Hot American Summer
    There's something really nice about Bradley Cooper, a wholesome American heartthrob, having his first sex scene in his first movie ever be with Michael Ian Black. It just makes my heart happy.
  3. Girls
    Corey Stoll is one of those men I see in a movie once and they never leave my mind. He's gorgeous. So when he showed up on Girls as Andrew Rannells love interest I couldn't believe it. I was so excited. He turned out to be kind of an ass but EVERYONE on girls is kind of an ass so who cares.
  4. Orange is the New Black
    I love when TV queer girls are played by real life queer girls. We need more real life queer girls!
  5. Sons of Anarchy
    Venus Van Dam. Not only played by my favorite, overly southern, Tarantino superstar, Walton Goggins, but the character is also ridiculously badass and confuses every straight man who looks her way.
  6. Doctor Who
    I don't feel like I have to explain myself.
  7. The L Word
    The whole main cast. They are responsible for teaching me (and probably every other 14 year old queer girl) so so so much. I love them all. Except Jenny. Fuck Jenny.