Love Actually character ranked worst to best.

I watch this movie at least four to five times a year. I love it so much. I think it has everything in it.
  1. Karl
    He's hot but I don't know enough about him to like him and he was kind of a dick about Sarah's brother.
  2. Mia
    Leave Harry alone!
  3. Harry
    Alan Rickman, I love you forever. I'm sorry but you broke Emma Thompsons poor, sweet British heart.
  4. Colin Frissell
    Sweet and simple and needed for comedic relief but I don't care about him.
  5. Juliet
    Im just going to group her with her husband because I think they're cute but also I think she's kind of shit for kissing Andrew Lincoln and I don't think her husband actually loves her as much as Mark does so... Eh.
  6. Aurelia
    Good work ethic. Sweet girl.
  7. Jamie
    I love his relationship with Aurelia even though they can't talk to each other. He's ranked higher than Aurelia because I wouldn't have the courage to go get her, and he did.
  8. Natalie
    It really pisses me off that everyone in this movie keeps saying how fat she is. I think she's real hot. And I really identify with her inability to quit saying inappropriate things in front of the prime minister.
  9. The prime minister
    I like that he stands up for Natalie. And I like that he carols for those children. And I LOVE when he sticks it to President Billy Bob Thornton.
  10. John and Just Judy
    They both seem so sweet but they're really this high because Martin Freeman. 😍
  11. Billy Mack
    Always wish I had a cool guy like this for like an uncle or grandfather or something. He gives no fucks, but also he cares about Joe so that's sweet.
  12. Sam
    I'd want my kids to be like him. He knows what he wants and he's determined to make it happen. He's a better person than me and he's like, ten?
  13. Mark
    He loves Juliet but he loves his bff Peter more so he keeps his distance. So selfless.
  14. Karen
    Reminds me of me. Just totally happy with her normal life. She loves Harry and her kids and making paper mache lobsters. Then Harry broke her heart and she still kept it together for so long, for her kids and also probably so she didn't embarrass herself. :(
  15. Daniel
    He loved his wife so much. 😭 and even though Sam is only his step child he takes care of him so well for her. He's so sweet. I hope he and Claudia Shiffer have a good life together.
  16. Sarah
    So underrated. She loves Carl, but she loves her family more. She does everything for her brother. The most selfless and precious.