Men I am too attracted to.

They are too handsome and sometimes it really hurts my heart how beautiful they are.
  1. Christoph Waltz
    Yes, I felt bad about being attracted to him while he was a nazi. Yes, he's usually the bad guy. But he is a fantastic bad guy. And he's also possibly the most attractive person ever put on the earth. And his voice sounds like sex.
  2. Kevin Spacey
    I'm honestly kind of unsure if I'm attracted to Kevin Spacey or just his House Of Cards character. But I'm 100% sure that Frank Underwood and I are a perfect match.
  3. Adam Driver
    The main reason I made it through the first season of Girls(before I fell into a serious love/hate relationship with every one of the characters.) He's so tall, it's stupid.
  4. Louis C.K.
    Probably the most average looking guy you could find. I want to marry him.
  5. Bryan Cranston
    Really no explanation needed. Walter white is hot.