1. Chic-fil-a
    Is that how you spell that? ANYWAY, they have both the amazing CFA sauce and Polynesian sauce. CFA goes on those amazing waffle fries and Polynesian on the nuggets. I liked CFA till I had CFA sauce in my junior year of high school and after that, I genuinely ate CFA like four or five times a week for at least a month. It was bad for my health.
  2. Red robin
    Campfire sauce. AMAZING. I recently started buying the red robin brand frozen French fries as well. It has a recipe for campfire sauce on the back. I was skeptical cause it's so easy to make I didn't think it would taste the same. It does and it's fantastic. Also bad for my health.
  3. Chili's avocado ranch.
    Comes with the south western egg roll appetizer. So so good. My boyfriend and I used to frequently go to chilis for that particular thing. Recently found that Sam's choice southwestern egg rolls are the exact same and you can buy avocado ranch that also tastes exactly the same from the grocery store. Very bad for my health.
  4. Any hibachi restaurant.
    Yum Yum sauce. The light colored sauce hey give you do pour over ever part of your meal. Basically the reason Japanese food is worth it(just kidding I love all Japanese food) guess what? They also sell that at the wal-mart. Goes especially well with salmon.