1. Going to church specifically to skip church and hang out with my friends. It's weird thinking of the things you do when your social life was dependent on other people.
  2. Having some friends who were really rebellious and having some friends who were really good and mimicking their behavior around all of them.
  3. @beccaandworld when Zac used to randomly ask for a ride to work in the middle of a school day or just ask to borrow my car in the middle of a school day and just somehow always quietly slipped out of class.
  4. Going to Lowe Mill on Saturdays with @beccaandworld when it was still just art studios and the market because there was nothing else to do. Becca once considered swimming in the sewer cause we got there too early and it was hot.
  5. Sitting in Beccas driveway and chain smoking. Also driving to Tennessee to buy cigarettes because smoking cigarettes somehow made sitting and talking feel like an active activity.
  6. Always wanting to go to school dances, then finally going to school dances and hating them more than I've ever hated anything.
    I realistically would rather do almost anything than go through the awkwardness that is a high school dance as someone who legitimately can't dance at all ever again.
  7. Having secrets from my parents???
    This one seems so strange now.
  8. Wanting to join groups and organizations late in high school and realizing how difficult it was to integrate into an organization as a senior.
  9. Always being terrified of having a lunch where none of my friends and having to sit alone which is ridiculous because I went to a giant school and there were like a million people in every lunch and I knew a lot of them and also because I could go have lunch by myself absolutely anywhere now and not give a single fuck which feels really nice.