This is so much more difficult than I thought it would be. I really can't pinpoint moments so I'm just going to do the best times of my life.
  1. First one is a little fuzzy and probably totally and completely romanticized because its from when I was a child.
    My dad and I lived in this house by our selves for a little while. I hated school. I did not get along with people there. But I loved spending time with dad. We would paint in the garage and listen to old records and I'd make him dance with me and we'd make breakfast together. It was like, third grade. And I didn't live there a super long time but I remember that time so fondly.
  2. The summer after high school
    It was probably the most carefree time of my life. I had a job where I made really good money but I didn't have any bills yet and I just spend the whole summer with my friends doing whatever we wanted, all the time.
  3. When I met Eric.
    It was January and my boss was on maternity leave and I had to work maybe three hours an afternoon. Erics job was much less stressful. We went out drinking all the time. I made so many new friends. The same month, we got snowed in for like two nights. It was so much fun.