There are many thinks that I did not know or understand as a child. Here a a few.
  1. The period goes at the end of the sentence. I truly thought it went at the end of a line. Most sentences written as a child would fit on one line of the paper. You remember that paper with blue lines running horizontally with the red dashes between the blue lines. My dad still teases me about the period going at the end of a line.
  2. Water and electricity were free. You turn the water on and out it comes. The same for lights, just flip the switch. I never knew you had to pay for it. A very rude awakening when I got my own place!
  3. Our cat Tiger was sent to a farm. My parents told us that our cat was sent to a farm when he really was hit by a car and died. Believed this way into adulthood.
  4. Always thought we would run out of gas while driving. My dad told us we had "Navy Gas" and you would never run out of Navy Gas. My dad was in the navy at the time. When ever we got gas I had to make sure it was Navy Gas!