Foods That I Used to Love When I Was Younger but Wouldn't Eat Now

  1. International Coffees
    Sipping these instant coffee drinks when I was in my teens made me feel highly sophisticated and I actually thought that Europeans drank "Swiss Mocha" and "Café Vienna." I'm glad I know better now.
  2. Chocolate Velamints
    If I think about Chocolate Velamints for too long I start to have a flavor memory! Ugh, no thanks! My friend Kelly and I used to go through several packs a week in high school. At some point we just got sick of them.
  3. Easy Cheese!
    Easy Cheese is soft, processed cheese in a can that oozes out through a nozzle. Appetizing, right? In college, Stacy and I would have it on crackers as our hor d'oeuvres before heading down to the cafeteria for dinner. A fitting start to a meal that was similar in quality.
  4. Zima
    Zima was a clear, malt beverage that was similar to wine coolers, but less fruity. It was introduced while I was a junior in college and the cases were very cheap at the local grocery store, so my roommates and I became instant fans.
  5. Hostess pies
    Let's face it, our teens and early 20s were great because we could eat just about anything with no consequences. (Unless you had some annoying allergies.) I couldn't convince my mother buy these pies at the grocery store, so I used to get one at my high school cafeteria almost every day after lunch.
  6. Grape Bubble Yum
    This gum tasted more like a sugar explosion than anything remotely related to a grape. I guess that's why I liked it so much, plus, it was purple. It was the only thing I ever attempted to shoplift when I was a child.