This year a number of my friends/loved ones struggled with mental health. I struggled with mental health. It seems like the whole world is struggling with mental health. These are some reminders of things that make me happy for when things become overwhelming.
  1. The sound of a roaring fire
  2. The feeling of a tree's bark beneath my hand
  3. Cumulus clouds. Especially when there's a light wind and they're crawling across the sky
  4. Warm bread
  5. The smell of baking
  6. Fireflies
  7. Fireworks shows
  8. Christmas lights
  9. Weirdly shaped cactuses
  10. Stars, constellations, astronomy in general
  11. Stringy folky guitar
  12. A dog's wet nose pressed into my hand
  13. That feeling of accomplishment and readiness for the world after cleaning/organizing things
  14. A warm sweater on a cold day
  15. A cold glass of water on a warm day
  16. Birds eating out of a bird feeder
  17. Walking on a bridge of any length over water of any kind
  18. Starting a book
  19. Finishing a book
  20. Holding hands with a friend/lover/family member
  21. Frogs croaking. I don't know why, I just like the sound, I just like frogs
  22. When something fits perfectly in the palm of my hand
  23. Breathing in fresh air
  24. The way a candle flame flickers
  25. Stomping on mushrooms growing in the grass
  26. Snails
  27. Putting on a pair of just-dried socks and they're still warm
  28. Pinecones
  29. The smell of spices. All of them.
  30. The taste of spices. Most of them.