1. Eeyore
    My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Ford gave me this one because I was the most negative 10 year old he ever met.
  2. Supreme World Dictator
    My first pen pal when I was 13 addressed her letters to me this way. I received no end of joy
  3. Deeters
    My high school buds. This always made me feel like a character from Doug
  4. Nandi the bull
    My grandfather calls me this, bc my namesake is Nandi the bull.
  5. Bunny Rabbit
    My mom, bc what use is a mom if she's not giving you an embarrassing nickname
  6. Green Haired Hooligan
    When I had a streak of blue-green in my hair, a colleague used to call me this.
  7. Titan
    My ex. Idk why. He liked the name
  8. Sad Mango
    One of my former roommates called me this because I am usually sad and also like mangoes
  9. Onigiri
    My sister calls me this, and I do not protest, even though it makes me a cannibal bc onigiri are freaking delicious.
  10. Nandoodle
    My best friend, bc it is a more fun way of saying my name