Or, why I'm quitting Hollywood.
  1. "I'm dating an Asian woman now, so you know, it's nice to have someone who takes care of me instead of the other way around."
    Fuck this stereotype about Asian women.
  2. "I don't think immigrants have other aspirations or feelings. I think they're just so happy to be here instead of whatever terrible thing they came from."
    Regarding my suggestion that the cleaning lady featured prominently in a script have some semblance of being an actual character. My parents are immigrants.
  3. "I think diversity hires and people who benefit from affirmative action always know they don't deserve to be there and that holds them back."
    I don't even know why this came up. I would likely be a diversity hire if I ever was hired to a writer's room. But there's limited diversity spots avail to nonwhite men, white women, gay men, gay women, and nonwhite women alike bc for some reason we're all lumped together. Literally the best writer of all of those groups got the job. Everyone else in the room is just the fifth least mediocre white dude. I'm pretty sure the diversity hire deserves to be there more.
  4. "Try to look more professional. Maybe straighten your hair?"
    This is something one of my ex-boss's wives (ex-boss's wife? Grammar nerds, help?) said to me. We hadn't yet met face to face at the time she told me this. I have straight hair, incidentally. Either way, idonteven fucking know.
  5. "I think people in interracial relationships are self-hating."
    This boss had, by the time he said this, on numerous occasions met my (now ex) white boyfriend. Not sure how I was expected to take this.
  6. I sympathize with you. I know what it's like to be a nonwhite woman. I went through the same thing.
    Also unprompted, also said by a 50-year-old white man, also what the fuck.
  7. People who write YA must all feel like failures
    This isn't a racial one but I write YA (of which he was also aware, is having discussed it in my interview). So this was nice to hear.
  8. They say you're not supposed to take these things personally
    But a lot of this felt pretty personal.