In no particular order
  1. Cana
    An excellent place to wear dark red lipstick and pretend to smoke a cigar
  2. Covel
  3. Copa de oro
  4. Bazaar
  5. Shore bar
    Entry limited to alumni of CEE, Harvard-Westlake and USC
  6. 1886
    Worth the schlep to Pasadowner
  7. Bottega Louie
  8. Bar nineteen 12
    Too bourgeois to function
  9. Perch
    The mothership of the cult of kir royal
  10. The 901 bar & grill (RIP)
  11. Laurel hardware
  12. Shangri la
    Not the bungalow
  13. The bungalow
    Oh well
  14. The golden gopher
    There is a miniature candy shop in the bar need I say more?!
  15. The roof garden at the peninsula
    If you're ever in the mood to pretend you're a real housewife of Beverly Hills
  16. The eveleigh
    This is where a fairy princess from another universe would go to get buck
  17. Do I sound like an alcoholic yet?