Technically not homes, but...
  1. The Wayfarers Chapel
    Full of light & ocean breezes.
  2. The James Oviatt Building
    1920s glamour all day, every day. Would be morally obligated to throw a new year's party here every year.
  3. Doheny Memorial Library at USC
    Access to allllllll the books amid Mediterranean Romanesque splendor. Be still, my beating heart.
  4. Tail o' the Pup
    Though sadly no longer standing. Who WOULDN'T want to live inside of a hot dog?
  5. The Bradbury Building
    Magical & surreal.
  6. The Theme Building at LAX
    As a little kid, I thought the president lived here. Totally rocked my world when I learned about the White House.
  7. The Getty Villa
    Ocean views. Gorgeous tiles. Like a million fountains. An outdoor theatre in case Taylor Swift ever wanted to come perform (hint hint!) What's not to love?
  8. The Bullocks Wilshire Building (Southwestern Law School)
    I'd live like a princess in that Art Deco tower.