1. Put it in your water
    Seriously, just pick a sprig of rosemary and stick it right in your water bottle. It gives it the freshest flavor & makes drinking water so much fun!
  2. Decorate a cheese plate
    0 - 100 real quick
  3. Include it in your shortbread dough
    Bonus points if it's combined with some sort of citrus
  4. Use a sprig as as a skewer on the barbecue
  5. Make Rosemary simple syrup and add it to all of your cocktails
    I've never done this before but I dream of it
  6. Put it in a cranberry orange muffin
    I'm eating one at my desk right now and it is sheer bliss
  7. Make a crown out of it and wear it on your head like an aromatic goddess
    I wish I had thought of this for coachella last year