1. Finding the perfect gift for someone you love
    And also watching them open it! I had no idea what to get my grandmother on a recent trip to Italy until I stumbled across a glass mezuzah in a little shop on Murano and just knew she'd love it.
  2. Post-yoga glow
  3. Ordering toast at breakfast and it comes pre-buttered
    The height of luxury!
  4. Singing along to music in the car with your best friend
  5. Pulling off a huge project at work that even you weren't sure you could handle
    Last year my team put on a charity ball for 800 people and I never thought I'd live to tell the tale... But we made it through and raised a few million dollars too. It felt incredible!
  6. The smell of rain
  7. The hugs you get from loved ones when you return home after traveling or when you pick them up at the airport
  8. Parallel parking perfectly on the first try
    The glee this brings me cannot be underestimated
  9. Not having to set an alarm
  10. Hot towels on airplanes
  11. Hospital gift shops
    They're so tiny and yet they always seem to have the one thing I desperately need.
  12. Palm trees with Christmas lights on them
    One of the many reasons LA in the wintertime is so amazing.
  13. Twirling around in a new dress
  14. Paris